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B2Broker Secures its Position as a PoP Liquidity Provider with Devexperts dxTrade

B2Broker’s customised version of Devexperts dxTrade combined with its technology and deep liquidity has culminated in an unmatchable offering in the industry.

B2Broker Becomes First Regulated Forex Liquidity Provider in Belarus After Securing NBRB License

B2Broker, a leading liquidity and technology provider of solutions to the forex and crypto industry, has become the first approved Forex and CFD Liquidity Provider in Belarus after securing the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) License.

Shanghai International Money Fair Concludes as B2Broker Wraps Up 2019 Expo Attendance

Shanghai International Money Fair took place on 13th - 15th December, ending on a rapturous note as B2Broker concludes its last expo of the year.

iFX EXPO Asia 2020 Attendance Earmarked as First New Year Expo for B2Broker

B2Broker has once again secured a booth at the forthcoming iFXExpo in Macao, China on 18th - 20th February, 2020. The company will participate as a prestigious Silver sponsor.

Cryptocurrencies Confirmed Top Asset Class in 2019: Start a Crypto Business with B2Broker

As crypto assets continue to produce substantially higher returns than traditional markets, crypto businesses present real revenue-generating opportunities.

Arthur Azizov on The Implications of Global Movements, Shifting Regulation & Technology on Liquidity

The B2Broker CEO provides an overview of liquidity in the financial markets today and discusses how increased regulation and technological developments have impacted on the industry landscape.

Shanghai International Money Fair 2019 Attendance Confirmed for B2Broker

If you’re in the financial services sector and visiting China during 13th - 15th December, make Shanghai International Money Fair your first point of call.

B2Broker Boosts its Liquidity Offering With an Additional 61 Crypto CFD Pairs

With the latest additions, B2Broker maintains its industry-leading position by providing liquidity for the highest number of Crypto CFD pairs available.

How to Generate Forex Leads

Forex leads generation is one of the top priorities for brokerages to gain new clients and expand. Although a very profitable industry, the level of competitiveness is high and keeping conversions growing is one of the greatest challenges in the market today.

How to Choose the Best Forex Affiliate Program

Online affiliate programs enable you to earn commissions on referrals which result in someone spending money either on a website, via an app or offline. These partnerships are tremendously popular because quite simply, they have been proven to work. A Forex partnership program works much in the same way.

Wiki Finance Expo Bangkok 2019 Hones in on B2Broker’s Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

B2Broker concluded another successful expo on 24th November which welcomed over 2,000 guests and forex experts in search of business and trading opportunities.

How to Get a Hong Kong Forex License

Many Forex Brokers seeking to boost their client base choose Hong Kong as their preferred route for obtaining a forex license due to its solid regulatory framework.

How to Get a Forex License

An overview of some of the most popular forex business licenses available to brokerages in 2019, the costs involved, and a more budget-conscious solution.

Blockshow Asia 2019 Draws to a Close with B2Broker Technology & Liquidity Solutions Under the Spotlight

B2Broker continues to make its mark in the world of blockchain, securing new business opportunities as Blockshow Asia closes its doors for another year.

Finance Magnates London Summit 2019: It’s Farewell From the B2Broker Team

Fresh from a successful expo, B2Broker shares some highlights and photos from the event and prepares to welcome new clients on board.

B2Broker Employees Descend on St Petersburg for Company Training

B2Broker is a firm believer in regular employee training and continues to place a strong emphasis on what it considers to be a key element of its overall success. Keeping its employees up to speed in an industry that is highly competitive and moves along at the speed of lightning is of paramount importance.

B2Broker Checks in at Wiki Financial Expo Bangkok to Expand Asian Reach

B2Broker continues to focus on the thriving Asian region after confirming its attendance at the popular expo.

Offer PAMM Accounts and Increase Your Profits with B2Broker Investment Platform

As PAMM accounts continue to draw the attention of traders, brokerages can capitalise on their popularity by offering this investment model for retail and institutional money managers and investors, and implementing our revenue-boosting Investment Platform.

B2Broker Confirms Participation at Blockshow Asia 2019

Powered by Cointelegraph and described as “the flagship event of the blockchain industry” by Forbes, B2Broker will once again join the industry’s leading players at this highly-anticipated expo.

Capitalise on the Copy Trading Trend with B2Broker Investment Platform

As copy trading continues to gain traction, brokerages can benefit from the growing trend by offering the service by integrating our revenue-boosting Money Management Software (Investment Platform).

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