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In all 3 models the trader can manage his personal funds along with investors funds on pre-selected fee. Unique differences between three investment models.

All investors accounts are pooled together. Profits and losses are divided proportionally between investments.
Investors copy the manager's transactions into their accounts and can close them at any time. They can also trade on their own account.
Management tools for fund and professional managers providing flexibility in managing investors' accounts.

General comparison of account types
S. T.
Money managers appear in leaderboard
No sense to give opportunity for MAM master to show his performance in leaderboard because master can activate / deactivate investor and use different formulas for copying trades to investment account
Investors can subscribe to money managers by themselves
Any master account can be hidden from leaderboard
Investors can see opened positions in MT5
Investors of PAMM accounts get only balance operations on invesmtent accounts with their share of PnL of position opened on master account
Investors get exact same return as money manager
Because MAM and Social Trading are based on copy-trading, execution prices on investors and master can be slightly different
Deposit/Withdrawal on investment account affects equity of Master account
In PAMM-master account is combined from several invesment accounts, so that's why when you deposit money on PAMM investment account same amount will be deposited to PAMM Master. In MAM and ST investment accounts are separated from Master accounts
Instant Deposits/Withdrawals
Because MAM and Social Trading are based on copy-trading, execution prices on investors and master can be slightly different
Subscriptions and unsubscriptions are immediate
Investor can trade on investment account
In MAM and PAMM investment accounts are in "Read-Only" Mode
Investor can close position that was opened by a master
Because MAM and Social Trading are based on copy-trading, execution prices on investors and master can be slightly different
Access your investors and money managers cabinet from any web browser.

Investors can
  • Find a money manager
  • Open an investment account
  • Make a deposit
  • Subscribe to a Master account
  • View their account statistics
Money Managers can
  • Open a master account
  • Collect trading history for their accounts
  • Manage investor accounts
  • Set a nickname, risk limits
  • Set fees
2.iFrame with leaderboard and statistics
Insert your rating managers on your site easily.

History Importer

Releasing a new investment platform is not enough. If you want to start selling to investors, you need to have access to statistics in your leaderboard.

Upload your history from MT4/5 statements in our database can be downloaded in 15-30 minutes.

3.There are 4 types of fees
Fee for success. Paid according to net profit received on the account.
Management fee. Established in %.
Management fee. Established in % per year.
Alternative of Performance fee. Paid in % for each profitable transaction.

  • Managers can set up fees themselves
  • All payments are automatic
  • For Performance, Profit and Management fees it is possible to set a payout period

Nearly all functions and features can be turned-on or off and customized on the settings page.

We have taken care of everything so that you can build the exact product based on your customers needs.

Colour scheme of web interfaces
Available account types
Rights for creating master accounts

Rights for creating investment accounts
Rights for making deposits/withdrawals in web-ui
Max/Min rewards for manager's fees

Risk limits
Sending mails from the platform
Fine tune allocation methods

Default MT groups for account opening


Our platform has built-in JSON REST API that gives you access to a database with statistics and all functions of the platform for the integration of investment products into your website and Traders Room. You can now use our standard web-interfaces and iFrame to access the platform.

5.Risk management tools for your clients
Maximum drawdown for investment account

Your clients can set a risk limit on their investment account. Once it is reached, all positions will be closed and the account will be unsubscribed from a money manager.

It is a great tool for situations when an investor has no opportunity for the monitoring of account in real-time.

Daily risk limit for money managers

Money managers can set a daily risk limits to protect themselves and their investors from intraday volatile markets.

How a daily risk limit works:

  1. The broker sets a daily risk limit on the trader's account in % based on the equity at the beginning of the trading day (00:00 server time)
  2. If trader is losing money and reaches the daily risk limit, all opened positions will be closed by market orders and the account will be turned into read-only mode until the end of that trading day.
6.Admin panel and manager's app
A fully functional cabinet for investors and money managers that works in any web browser.

The manager can
  • Open and close accounts
  • Deposit and withdraw funds
  • Manage account settings
  • View Account Statistics
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe accounts
The administrator can
  • The same as the manager plus:
  • Manage all White Label and sub White Label accounts
  • Configure settings for allocations
  • Host the system on your server
  • Change settings for Web interfaces
  • Manage the database
  • View logs and monitor errors
  • Manage the rights of managers
  • Manage network settings
7.Architecture of the Platform

Works without plugins:

The platform is connected to MT4/5 server via manager's API.

Two Advantages of a Standalone platform:

  1. All calculations are made in the standalone application that can be installed separately from MT4/5 server and work with separate database. There will therefore be no additional load from running the investment platform on your MetaTrader server. The investment platform will not have any negative impact on the speed of transactions on your MT server.
  2. There will be no conflicts between the investment platform and all other plugins on your MetaTrader server. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the stability of your IT infrastructure.
8.whitelabel solution
The investment platform supports White Labels. If you have clients that are using a white label based on your MT server, you can create one for them in your admin panel with separate web-UI and give them a manager's application with access only to their accounts.

White Label architecture is the same as for WLs in the MetaTrader server. Each white label will have access only to their account from manager's applications and leaderboards and will also be separated. This means that there will be no interfierence between accounts.

Hence, the logic of the back-office infrastructure is the same as for MetaTrader server in that there is only one admin panel, but several manager's accounts for each white label.

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