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B2Broker Reveals Upgraded B2Core Functionality Boosted by Increased Transparency and Tighter Security Features

B2Broker’s development team has added a further set of features to B2Core, the company’s continually-evolving client cabinet solution. The latest enhancements are a welcome addition to one of the company’s flagship products, and will provide users with more capabilities and an altogether improved user experience.

What are Cryptocurrency Dark Pools?

Dark pools enable large investors to trade with each other independently of the standard exchanges. This article summarises how cryptocurrency dark pools work and the role they play in the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto CFD vs Crypto Spot

Many people are already familiar with the idea of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This typically involves buying a cryptocurrency when the price is low and selling it when the price rises so you earn a profit. While trading on an exchange i.e. spot trading, has been around for some time, the idea of trading cryptocurrency CFDs has more recently come about. Crypto CFDs enable traders to take advantage of cryptocurrency price fluctuations without the need to own them. Those who are in favour of crypto CFDs say that the fact that you do not need to own any crypto is an advantage, and for this reason it is not surprising that CFD trading has attracted a lot of interest, but is this a better option than actually owning cryptocurrencies?

What are DMA CFDs?

The term Direct Market Access (DMA) is used in the financial markets to describe electronic trading facilities that give investors looking to trade in financial instruments the means to interact with the order book of an exchange.

B2Broker Announces New Webinar: Start a Forex & Crypto Brokerage in the Arab Markets

B2Broker is pleased to announce its latest webinar focused on helping businesses looking to set up a Forex or Crypto brokerage in the Gulf region. The webinar is entitled, “How to Start a Forex & Crypto Brokerage in the Arab Markets”, and will take place on Tuesday 25th June, 2020 at 18:00 KSA (15:00 GMT).

Market Maker vs Liquidity Provider

Forex brokerage business models usually take the form of Market Makers or Liquidity Providers. The following examines how each model works and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

B2Broker Concludes Virtual Vision Finance 2020 Expo

B2Broker has just concluded Virtual Vision Finance expo after a brief hiatus from the expo scene and is pleased to report an enthusiastic turnout after taking part in its first virtual expo and meeting potential clients and partners online at its booth and during the workshops.

B2Broker Scoops Best CRM Provider Award at Global Forex Awards 2020

B2Broker is pleased to announce that it has won BEST CRM PROVIDER in the Global Forex Awards 2020.

B2Broker Updates B2Core to Include PAMM IB Module and Wallets Enhancements

B2Broker has announced a further set of new features to B2Core, the company’s Trader’s Room solution. Regular updates are an ongoing feature of  B2Core which offers users a series of flexible package-based options to meet their individual business requirements. The latest set of features ensure users continue to benefit from added functionality and the latest technological developments in the industry.

B2Broker Resumes Expo Participation at Virtual Vision Finance 2020

After a short interval from its usually hectic expo schedule, B2Broker is back in action, virtually. While expos as we know them will take a bit longer to get back on track with the current situation surrounding Covid-19, we are pleased to announce that we are taking part in Virtual Vision Finance on 10th June 2020.

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