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B2Broker Liquidity Chosen By Genesis Vision to Enable Crypto Margin Trading for Clients

B2Broker is pleased to announce a new partnership with Genesis Vision to provide its industry-leading liquidity services. Genesis Vision, a decentralised asset management platform built on blockchain technology, is designed to connect people who want to trade or access the investment landscape including managers, brokers, traders and exchanges via one interface.

What is Liquidity Distribution? Forex Liquidity Distribution

In order to understand what is liquidity distribution in Forex trading, an understanding of the term “liquidity” is essential. Liquidity is used to describe the ease by which an asset may be converted into cash.

What is Forex Liquidity? The Importance of Liquidity in Forex Trading

The term liquidity is generally used in the financial markets to describe the ease by which an asset can be converted into cash without difficulty. The importance of liquidity in the forex market is paramount and all market participants should be aware of how it works.

B2Broker Confirms Attendance at Blockchain Life 2019 as Diamond Sponsor

B2Broker has secured the prestigious position of Diamond Sponsor at Blockchain Life 2019, one of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining events in Russia and Europe.

How to Start a Forex Brokerage Step by Step

Forex trading is big business. $5.3 trillion is traded every day in the Forex market and it continues to draw a growing number of investors who are attracted by its massive profit potential. Generally speaking, with effective risk management in place, profits and losses are virtually unlimited so it comes as no surprise that many brokerages have set up to claim their share of the market.

How to Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange Step-by-Step

Cryptocurrency trading continues to attract a growing number of individuals and companies as potential returns can be substantial in comparison to traditional financial instruments. Since Bitcoin arrived on the scene a decade ago, we have observed a consistently increasing trend as the industry evolves into this exciting and lucrative new sphere.

Introducing Broker vs White Label. The Best Way to Maximise Your Revenue

Both these options offer the primary broker an opportunity to increase their customers and boost their revenues in a shorter timespan and with less effort.

B2Broker Employees Gather at Moscow Headquarters for Product Training

Successful companies regularly invest in employee training and B2Broker is no exception. In fact, the importance of training in the fast moving, highly competitive fintech industry cannot be stressed enough.

New Look at the Investment Platform

In the investment platforms solutions market, there are stereotypes relating to the standard settings: one correct formula, one correct type of interface, and so on.

B2Broker Prepares for Consensus Asia 2019 To Focus on Further Client Acquisition in the Region

B2Broker has confirmed that it will be participating at Consensus Asia (Invest: Asia) on 11th - 12th September, 2019, due to take place at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore.

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