3% Cashback for B2Broker Services!
Support the development of the cryptocurrency industry with B2Broker!

Starting from 6th June, 2018, B2Broker will introduce a 3% cashback for payment of services by B2BX tokens.
How to pay?
1. Go to the Trader’s Room
2. Choose B2BX as a payment method
3. Get Cashback after charging for services *

Cashback is charged at the rate of 3% of the amount paid by the tokens after the funds are withdrawn.

You can buy B2BX tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges (see section «exchanges» on the). Any questions? Contact your account manager!
B2BX tokens are readily available on cryptocurrency exchanges (see section «exchanges» on the website). If you have any questions, contact your account manager.

Reduce your costs while supporting the development of the cryptocurrency industry!

In October 2017, B2Broker launched an ICO to develop a cryptocurrency exchange and B2BX aggregator. The overall vision was to create an ecosystem that would include a cryptocurrency exchange, a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for merchants, an aggregator for financial institutions, and provide trading services and improved liquidity for all market participants. 

B2Broker is very aware of the substantial developments in the cryptocurrency industry, and the extent to which bitcoin and other digital assets have become of major interest to traders, brokers and other players in the financial market. Evidence reveals that an increasing number of top-level managers at some of the world’s biggest banks have been rapidly moving towards the cryptocurrency business. In parallel, we are also seeing more and more news about cryptocurrency exchanges dominating the media headlines.

We are in an advantageous situation of being able to offer our in-depth expertise gained in the Forex and CFD market to provide you with the best liquidity and trading services in the cryptocurrency market that is second to none.

By using B2BX tokens to pay for our company services, you will get a discount, save on the difference in price and have the added benefit of investing in the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

The B2BX ecosystem includes cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, crypto-brokers and forex brokers, payment systems and ICO projects from across the world. Become part of our growing ecosystem and reap the benefits twofold!
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