NEM and NEO blockchains have been integrated into B2BinPay
B2BinPay customers can now add and accept any tokens based on ETH, NEM, NEO blockchain in just 5 minutes!
B2BinPay news regarding NEM and NEO blockchains which have now been integrated into our cryptocurrency payment gateway, B2BinPay. These blockchains and tokens have a large number of supporters and some Asian banks are already planning to introduce NEM technology into their work. Today, 97% of tokens are based on ETH, NEM, NEO.

B2BinPay customers can now add and accept any tokens based on ETH, NEM, NEO blockchain in just 5 minutes!

We would like to inform you that XEM and NEO are also listed on B2BX Exchange. Both are very popular tokens and rank inside the Top 10 by market capitalisation. B2BX exchange are ready to list any other tokens based on NEO or NEM blockchain.

In addition, we have added the following trading pairs:
+44 208 068 86 36
+ 357 25 030882
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