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Trader’s Room now offers freshly optimised functionality, providing excellent revenue-generating possibilities
Янв 30, 2019
B2Broker Expands Liquidity Offering, Adds 40 Crypto CFD Pairs
Янв 29, 2019
B2Broker selects SaaS-based IdentityMind for KYC and AML compliance
Дек 3, 2018
B2BX Exchange continues its ascent with a growing client base and the regular addition of new features and listings.
Ноя 22, 2018
The B2BX is among the first cryptocurrency exchanges to be completely regulated in Europe.
Ноя 16, 2018
Trader’s Room enables businesses to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, offering a tailor made solution
Окт 26, 2018
B2BX Exchange now lists TrueUSD, USD Coin, Gemini Dollar, and Paxos Standard Token
Окт 18, 2018
B2BinPay Offers Cost-Effective Solution to Facilitate Global Cryptocurrency Payments
Сен 18, 2018
B2Broker offers 3 ways to create a crypto business in just one month.
Сен 12, 2018
It can take at least 9 months for development and testing and an investment of around $500,000 – and that’s for the development team alone.
Сен 7, 2018
The combination of the best practices and customizable elements has led to the creation of B2Broker turnkey solution.
Сен 4, 2018
White Label solutions are an ideal opportunity to start a brokerage business quickly, without significant costs.
Авг 6, 2018
As crypto payments become more widespread, B2Broker continues to permeate the space with its cryptocurrency payment gateway solution.
Июл 20, 2018
For an industry, as saturated as the retail market, this skill will be vital. As Artur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker told Finance Magnates in a recent interview.
Июл 20, 2018
B2BX Exchange has proved to be a top-rated choice with investors involved both in bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency trading on the whole.
Июл 18, 2018
Seeking to expand leveraged trading, B2Broker has pioneered the industry as the official provider of cryptocurrency liquidity for brokers, crypto exchanges, hedge funds and institutional clients.
Июн 25, 2018
Technology, liquidity and solutions provider for crypto and FX brokerages B2Broker has announced the release of its Investment Platform for MetaTrader 5, which is now available in the broker App Store.
Июн 25, 2018
B2Broker, a liquidity and technology solutions provider for the crypto and FX brokerage industry, has announced that it has reached a further milestone in its expansion plans with the launch of its new Cyprus office.
Июн 7, 2018
Cryptocurrency liquidity solutions for FX brokers: conversation with B2Broker CEO Artur Azizov
Апр 27, 2018
Cryptocurrency trading has taken the FX world by storm, with many if not most Retail FX and CFD brokers offering at least a limited menu of crypto products for trading.
Апр 10, 2018
The Crypto and Forex Liquidity and Technology provider announces its attendance at Deconomy 2018 as a Bronze Sponsor, with a team of experts on hand to discuss its range of innovative solutions.
Мар 29, 2018
B2Broker, an aggregator and provider of turnkey, cloud, and liquidity solutions for the foreign exchange (FX) and crypto industry, continues to attract attention in the finanсial services industry, adding more clients to its growing portfolio.
Мар 26, 2018
An In-Depth Look at B2Broker’s Investment Platform
Мар 21, 2018
Broker technology provider B2Broker has hired industry veteran Peter Leonidou to take on the role of Sales Director of its Cyprus office.
Мар 15, 2018
B2Broker has been highly active over the past few months in terms of its overall business and developments. This included the launch of its B2BX project, which was billed as one of the first aggregators of cryptocurrency liquidity. The group also had a successful ICO project launched last fall as well.
Фев 21, 2018
Broker technology provider B2Broker, has announced the implementation of a new module into its payments platform. The company is aiming to deliver to its clients a solution that smoothly processes cryptocurrency payments.
Фев 13, 2018
The crypto era has resulted in an influx of service providers and investors alike seeking to be part of the crypto scene. Wanting to grasp the opportunity, many brokers and technology providers have quickly launched solutions to enable retail clients to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. Likewise, more and more brokerages have started integrating cryptocurrency instruments into their platforms.
Фев 9, 2018
Launch Your ICO With B2Broker’s Ready-Made Infrastructure
Янв 24, 2018
B2BX is an official provider of cryptocurrency liquidity. The company allows its partners to officially receive cryptocurrency liquidity, which is usually not available for companies that work in particular sectors, including banking. To develop this project, B2BX is carrying out an ICO. Raised investments will be used for obtaining licenses, opening local offices, connecting cryptocurrency exchanges and other purposes.
Ноя 15, 2017
B2Broker: Past, Present & Future of B2BX
Ноя 15, 2017
With a total market capitalization of US$143 billion, the crypto market is expanding constantly. Despite all its problems, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to its expansion. However, today’s cryptocurrency exchanges must also function as brokers and exchangers.
Ноя 1, 2017
B2Broker launches the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator to connect at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and Stock brokers and give them the opportunity to provide their clients with the trading in cryptocurrencies.
Окт 30, 2017
Cryptocurrencies can now be purchased not only on a crypto exchange but also at a Forex broker terminal. Evgeniya Mikulyak, COO of B2Broker and Head of the project B2BX, comments on why representatives of the Forex business now need pairs based on Bitcoin and Ethereum, and why ICO may be necessary.
Окт 27, 2017
B2BX.pro Project, which is about to pass the 6-million-euro threshold, announced the completion of its audit of the B2BX token value, whose goal is to increase the token’s attractiveness to investors. The company announced several key points regarding the functionality of the B2BX utility-token.
Окт 26, 2017
The capitalization of the crypto market has already totaled $143 billion. The market is expanding constantly, and despite all the problems, there do not seem to be any limits to this expansion so far. At present, cryptocurrency exchanges have to function as an exchange proper, and also as a broker and an exchanger.
Окт 24, 2017
In today’s market there are a few options for launching an initial coin offering (ICO) – you can do everything on your own, bring in outside consultants, or engage a team that have already launched their projects. However, each of the options has its pros and cons.
Окт 24, 2017
B2Broker's recently launched crypto exchange project, B2BX is rapidly gaining industry traction.
Окт 19, 2017
As much as the cryptocurrency market is the latest technological trend with many investors, and markets going to that direction, it comes with its own set of challenges. These challenges are there because of the nature of the market and the fact that it is based on the blockchain which is a decentralized platform.

The cryptocurrency market challenges have been a setback to the fast-growing industry and account for the reason why there is no global adoption of the market so far. Some of the challenges include Lack of market regulation, lack of liquidity, complex integration, and long compliance process among many others. Those impacted by these factors include banking and finanсial institutions and governments that are planning to make digital currencies legal.
Сен 27, 2017
Unlike most of the startup companies in the cryptocurrency space, B2BX turns a major focus on businesses. B2BX offers an aggregator service for brokerage companies, adding cryptocurrency trading to their portfolio.
Сен 22, 2017
Everybody noticed the booming of cryptocurrency market and many of them want to earn on that. How to enter the crypto market quickly and at a fair price? On October 2, B2Broker launches the ICO for the first cryptocurrency exchange project for institutional customers. B2BX will become a marketplace for regulated and certified brokers that combine bitcoin trading with existing retail forex trading solutions.  
Сен 13, 2017
With the valuation of cryptocurrencies moving at lightning speed, it is less clear for investors how exactly to enter the crypto market quickly and at a fair price. To help accomplish this feat, B2Broker will be undergoing an ICO on October 2, 2017 to drive the development of its landmark project, tapped B2BX. B2BX will aim to become a comprehensive marketplace for regulated and certified brokers that combines Bitcoin trading with existing retail forex trading solutions.
Сен 13, 2017
What is going on in the market of Bitcoin and Ethereum, can a classic trader profit on that and how to open your crypto business, comments Artur Azizov, B2Broker CEO.
Сен 1, 2017
The cryptocurrencies boom forced analysts to talk about bubbles, and late “miner” to buy up video cards. Meanwhile, many people have already earned enough money on the trend: someone did it on the appreciating prices, and someone, as in case with nVidia, profited on the growing demand for related issues.
Сен 1, 2017
Newcomers are strengthening their positions in the finanсial markets: the crypto currencies are taking their places among the products of broker companies and in portfolios of investors and speculators. What is going on in the market of Bitcoin and Ethereum, can a classic trader profit on that and how to open your crypto business, comments Artur Azizov, B2Broker CEO.
Сен 1, 2017
Today, there are already about 200 cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers in the world. And it is not a limit has been reached yet. So, what if the next stage of the crypto market evolution is the boom of cryptocurrency exchanges. If so, how can we profit on that? Perhaps open your own exchange.
Авг 25, 2017
It’s amazing how the finanсial technologies penetrated the mainstream perception. For example, blockchain has long been just a technology behind Bitcoin. But in 2016 everything has changed, as many companies realized its potential to transform finanсial industry. And in 2017, its popularity is gaining momentum.
Авг 20, 2017
This new platform is meant to give customers of regulated and certified brokers access to listing participants and cryptocurrency trading via traditional trading terminals where they will be able to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency from trading accounts.
Авг 7, 2017
There is nothing of its kind in the cryptocurrency market.  B2Broker is planning to launch B2BX – the first cryptocurrency exchange for institutional customers. It will become a marketplace for regulated and certified brokers.
Июл 31, 2017
Crypto liquidity from B2Broker offers to brokers six popular cryptocurrencies at once. The list includes bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, peercoin and namecoin.
Июл 27, 2017
Since the start of 2017 Bitcoin 1.98% , the most popular cryptocurrency, surged three times to the peak $2,889 reached on June, 12. It means that even if you were not smart and proactive enough to buy it at $200 in 2015, you could still have earned 312 per cent, if you bought it in January. If your investment was $1,000 you would have had $3,120 by now.
Июл 25, 2017
Cryptocurrencies finally made everybody talk about it. This asset class is so popular that it's even used for trolling one of the most famous and influential figures in finanсial world.
Июл 21, 2017
I have to disappoint you – you have little chances to earn maximum profit on crypto currency. Just because the most popular of them have already made from 300% to 5,500% since the start of the year. And it looks like the market took a pause.
Июл 21, 2017
Company launched a “turnkey” solution for cryptocurrency broker, offering the cryptocurrency trading through MetaTrader4 and MetaTrade5.B2Broker offers the building of your own cryptocurrency exchange. B2Broker helps to build cryptocurrency exchanger – trader’s room, where customers can exchange its money into cryptocurrency. B2Broker offers cryptoliquidity for any trading terminals  (MT4, MT5, etc.).
Июл 5, 2017
Another integrator has started the development of institutional solutions for MetaTrader 5 — B2Broker. The company has been founded by a team of experienced IT professionals in the field of Forex in order to create high-quality solutions for brokers worldwide. Among B2Broker clients are individual investors, large licensed brokers, banks, hedge funds and professional managers.
Мар 31, 2017
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